Dear Friends, 

We're so excited about the response for Better Call Saul this past week! We've had the great fortune of enjoying the show as it was assembled each step of the way and always knew it would be something special. In our wildest dreams we did not expect to be breaking cable ratings records, skyrocketing Reddit activity, and boasting a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes' 'Tomato Meter'! We are thrilled to share the final product of season one with you.

This show, like Breaking Bad, is truly the results of an incredibly talented and hard-working cast and crew, led by the inspirational Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. These two master storytellers have created a loving family that encourage everyone to bring their very best to the table. We love the results and, as we wrap production on the finale, are very proud of season one of 'Better Call Saul'.

The first episode opens with the Ink Spots' "Address Unknown" as we get a b/w glimpse of the fate of Saul Goodman after the events of 'Breaking Bad'. Massimo Ranieri's "Se Bruciasse La Cittá" plays in the nail salon where Jimmy McGill keeps his "office". Dutch artist Shook's funky "Milestones" plays during the skateboard scam where Lars and Cal get "felonied". Episode 2 features Esquivel's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" in the 'broken breadsticks' sequence, and our 'All That Jazz' "It's Showtime" homage was created with talented producer Tony Berg featuring the Vivaldi string quartet arranged with more Jimmy McGill-scale instrumentation. Deft and elegant music editing by Jason Newman. Dave Porter returns as composer for the series and does, yet-again, a fantastic job. The main title was created for the show by the English blues-rockers Little Barrie. 

There are many more fun music moments to come, some of which have become instant favorites.  We hope you enjoy the 'Better Call Saul' experience as we have.  

Thomas... (and the SMV crew)


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