PictureRick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln)
Closing this episode with “Spicks and Specks” came from editor Jute Ramsey’s idea.  He pulled it from the very first mixtape I created for ‘The Walking Dead’, way back in Season 1.  At that time, we weren’t sure of the tone of the series, and I wanted to include some ironic counterpoint songs that played on the apocalyptic tone of the series, but approached the scenes lyrically from a romantic point of view.  The Walker Brothers song “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore” (which was used in our season 1 Comic Con trailer) came from that same collection as did Ellie Greenwich’s “You Don’t Know” a wonderful girl group song that we have yet to find a home for.  

Scott Gimple really liked the counterpoint approach of “Spicks and Specks” in the cut and we were able to get the song cleared for the episode.  One of the exciting things about working on ‘The Walking Dead’ is we keep shifting the tone and approach of the series and the storytelling. Scott has created several seasons now where the story and the tone shifts in pretty dramatic ways, while still staying true to the characters.  Using music with a bit more ironic detachment is an exciting new direction to play with.  This Bee Gees song, very early in their career and largely overlooked, was a wonderful way to capture Rick’s strange and unsure sense of his direction forward.

- Thomas


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